Guacamole Cheese Omelette new - 18 SYP

Scrambled egg stuffed with mozzarella cheese, grilled cherry tomato, served with guacamole. mix green and cherry tomato  and toast bread grilled with butter

Breakfast Tray - 24 SYP

Two eggs with wedges fries, melted mozzarella cheese sandwich, Labneh and Mini chocolate pancakes

Oriental Breakfast Tray new - 25 SYP

Shakshoukeh egg, zaatar wrap with mint leaves, Hummus, strawberry jam with butter, labneh and tea cup

Continental Breakfast Tray - SYP

our special mixed breakfast items, Cheese omelets with mixed green and cherry tomato, cheese croissant, mini labneh balls, jam, butter served with butter toast




Juicy Lucy burger - 39 SYP

The best burger you can eat, tender, moist, and watch the cheese ooze out topped with cheddar cheese.

RoadHouse Cheeseburger - 42 SYP

A thick juicy burger with grilled beef bacon and chedder cheese.

Chicago Cheeseburger - 42 SYP

A thick Juicy burger with grilled onions and mushrooms, with cheddar cheese.

oklahoma Burger - 39 SYP

A juicy burger with ranch sauce topped with melted cheese, bbq sauce and crispy onion strings

Original Cheeseburger - 39 SYP

A thick juicy burger with cheddar cheese and grilled tomato and onion.

Slim n’ Fit Buregr - 32 SYP

Grilled patty, grilled tomato & onions, arugula & light mayonnaize

Swiss & Mushroom - SYP

A thick Juicy burger with smoked melted swiss cheese, Sautéed onions and mushrooms with our special sauce .

Mushroom Crispy Burger - SYP

Cowboy Burger - SYP

Beef patty, mix cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce, mayo sauce and lettuces


Chicken Platter

Chicken Platter

Indiana Chicken - 39 SYP

Grilled chicken breast topped with melted mozzarela cheese and our specially made sauce with mushroom and onion served with mashed potato garlic bread

Country Fried Chicken - 42 SYP

Special mix, breaded chicken breast with mashed potato, mushroom gravy sauce and garlic bread

B.B.Q chicken - 45 SYP

Tender grilled chicken breaadt with a creamy queso sause with grilled vegetables and mexican rice

Queso chicken - 45 SYP

Tender grilled chicken breast with a Creamy queso sause with frilled vegetables and mexican rice

Pesto Chicken New - 7950 SYP

Grilled chicken breast with pesto sauce and topped with onion rings, served on the side with French fries and your choice of garlic bread or house salad




Chocolate Pancake - 26 SYP

Three chocolate pancake topped with chocolate melt and cream

Tiramisu Pancake - 22 SYP

Two layer of pancake with a chocolate Pancake in between topped with tiramism cream and chocolate.

Cinnamon roll pancake - 22 SYP

Three layers of pancake filled with cinnamon glase and creamy cheese topping.

Original Pancake - 18 SYP

Three original pancakes served with butter and maple syrup.




Tex Mex Salad - 38 SYP

Lettuce, green peppers, red beans and onions, tossed in our special dressing, Topped with Seasoned grilled chicken and cheddar cheeses,  sour cream and guacamole. Served in a crisp tortilla

Texas Salad - SYP

Arguagula, lettuce, grilled chicken breast, topped with crunchy vermicell & B,B,Q sauce.

Classic Caesar - 19 SYP

Romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, croton and shaved parmesan

Quinoa Salad - SYP

Mixed green with quinoa, green pepper, cucumber, cherry tomato and home made dressing topped with grilled sesame




Santa Fe Chicken - 34 SYP

Fried crispy chicken breast topped with honey mustard sauce and melted mozzerella cheese.

Crispy Fajita chicken - 34 SYP

Fried crispy chicken breast topped with special made sauce, mozzerella cheese and sauted green pepper and onion with fajita special mix sauce.

Chicken B.B.Q - 34 SYP

B.B.Q grilled chicken topped with melted cheddar cheese.

Chicken Mucho Nacho - 32 SYP

Grilled chicken breast topped with melted cheese sauce & crunchy nachos.

Crispy BBQ Chicken - SYP

Crispy Chicken tenders coated with our special BBQ sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese

Chicken & Mozzarella Sandwich - SYP




Chicken strips - 22 SYP

All white meat chicken tenders lightly breaded and crisp fried Served with honey musted sauce for dipping and french fries

BBQ Bonelss Bufflao Wings - 26 SYP

Battered boneless chicken wings with your choice of honey or hot BBQ sauce, served with rash dressing for dipping

Chicken Quesadilla - 39 SYP

Chicken in a tortilla with cheddar cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, onions and, tomatoes.Served with sour cream

Mac Cheese Balls - 20 SYP

Breaded Pasta With Special cheese Mix Sauce Served With Marinara

Mozzarella cheese sticks - 18 SYP

Mozzarella sticks, served with Marinara Sauce

Loaded Fries - 18 SYP

French Fries topped with our special sauce and sautéed peppers and onion Cheese

Fries n, cheddar - 16 SYP

Fries Fries - 12 SYP

Onion Rings - 20 SYP

Crispy breaded onion served with marinara sauce

Sampler appetizer - 45 SYP

All our favorites Mozzarella cheese sticks, Onion Rings, chicken strips, french fries. Served with with honey mustard and marinara sauce.




House Steak - 70 SYP

This traditional 250 g cut has a Wonderfully juicy, classic steakhouse Flavor. served with mashed potatoes grilled vegetables, with your choice of the sauces:

Honey BBQ – Mushrooms – Pepper – Mustard

Mozzarella Herbs Steak - 75 SYP

This traditional 250 g cut topped with melted mozzerella herbs served with mashed potatoes grilled vegetables

Indiana Steak  - 55 SYP

Grilled steak pieces with mushroom and onion and the homemade sauce served with mexican rice or mashed potato and garlic bread

RoadHouse Stick Stack - 69 SYP

Tender, juicy sirloin tips piled high on mashed potatoes topped with frilled onopns, mushrooms, and cheese sauce, served with saaute’ed corn.




Ice cream fruit waffle - 29 SYP

A light and crispy delight crowned with chocolate ice cream, strawberry , banana and chocolate.

Sizzling Brownies - 20 SYP

Brownies, topped with vanilla ice-cream and hot dark chocolate

Ice cream brownies bits - 22 SYP

Vanilla ice cream with brownies and caramel topping

Ice cream sundae - 18 SYP

Your choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate or strawberry sauce

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